George Washington University

Accreditation by International Organizations

George Washington University competence in online education has earned it a variety of accreditations and affiliations from prestigious higher education recognized organizations. These affiliations enable us to continuously enhance the quality and content of our online curriculum, ensuring that our students get an effective and result-oriented education. GWU's accreditation by and membership in the world's premier regional and international organizations ensures a superior educational experience, both in terms of course content and delivery techniques.

Our affiliations demonstrate that George Washington University complies completely with the accrediting/recognizing agencies' quality standards for online education. George Washington University's professional online programs and courses are approved, widely regarded, and recognized worldwide. That is why our graduates are sought after by the world's leading corporations and academic organizations.

United States Distance Learning Association

The United States Distance Learning Association was the first nonprofit distance learning association in the United States to support distance learning research, development and praxis across the complete arena of education, training and communications.

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The Ministry of Higher Education Commission

The Ministry of Higher Education Commission is an independent, statutory, and autonomous regulatory authority responsible for overseeing, accrediting, regulating, and funding higher education institutions in the Middle East. It is an official authority committed to bringing the highest level of excellence and brilliance to higher education by following the best systems and policies.

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United States Education Commission

United States Education Commission is an American accreditation and equalization granting body for academic institutes and individuals. United States Education Commission mission is to ensure that all the accredited institute meets pre-determined standard of education in the industry. United States Education Commission is thought to be the largest independent accreditation body in the world.

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Accreditation Commission of Higher Education

CHE-A is a voluntary, non-governmental membership organization that defines, maintains, and promotes educational quality among institutions with varying missions, student populations, and resources. On March 1, 2013, the Mid-Atlantic Region Commission on Higher Education, often known as the Accreditation Commission of Higher Education (CHE-A), was formally founded under Pennsylvania Commonwealth law. The Commission was a division of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools from 1919 until February 2013. It is currently an independent entity.

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