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GWU provides great career development programs and enhances students' employability in a variety of ways. We strive to deliver an exceptional learning experience while simultaneously ensuring that professional aspirations are satisfied. Through specialist career counselling services, George Washington University's Career Success Center assists students in launching their careers and also assists working professionals in gaining a much-needed boost in their professional careers. Our Career Success Center is committed to providing necessary information and services to assist students and graduates in developing sound career goals and ultimately implementing them in their lives.


Writing Service for Resumes and Cover Letters

George Washington University provides students and graduates with professional resume and cover letter writing services. If you are presently employed and enrolled in a degree at George Washington University, this service may be very beneficial in securing a serious job offer. It works even better for recent George Washington University graduates without job experience, assisting them in projecting their talents more effectively with a highly professional résumé.

Service of Job Placement

George Washington University has expert career counsellors that assist students and graduates in identifying their actual potential and selecting the career path that is most beneficial to them. We are committed to ensuring that our students succeed in the professional world and secure positions in global businesses and top firms across the globe, and hence provide networking and career guidance assistance to our students and alumni.

Career Guidance Service

George Washington University hosts career fairs, seminars, and online networking events to link students and graduates with prospective employers and headhunters. We ensure that we showcase our students' full potential to the world, which is why we are the first choice of companies worldwide.


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