George Washington University takes pleasure in providing students with the most complete services available. All student services are developed with working people, job seekers, veterans, homeschool students, military personnel, handicapped individuals, and full-time students in mind.

Providing Resources for Unique Opportunities

The Student Resource Center at George Washington University works to build the supporting network that enables students to accomplish their immediate and long-term needs and aspirations.

The center links students with school and community resources and services that may assist them in overcoming obstacles to academic achievement. For the duration of your enrollment at GWU, the Student Resource Center team will work with you one-on-one. You'll develop a rapport with a member of staff who will serve as your point of contact and assist you in achieving your objectives.

Innovative Study Program

George Washington University offers innovative and comprehensive academic programs to its students. We guarantee that our courses are updated on a regular schedule and that students get the information essential for job advancement.

Alumni and Students Area

There are a variety of online portals available to students, alumni, and faculty that make it simple to access university courses, acquire transcripts, verify documents, see program schedules, register for courses, and pay tuition.

Career Success Center

George Washington University help students in identifying the appropriate career path based on their interests, professional objectives, abilities, and beliefs. We are one of the top places for information about career prospects, salaries, and employment trends. GWU connect you with businesses who are actively seeking candidates.

Writing Service for Resumes and Cover Letters

Service of Job Placement

Career Guidance Service

DISCOVER YOUR FUTURE WITH George Washington University

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Get a Scholarship of up to 75% on your tuition fee


George Washington University has a robust scholarship program and financial aid alternatives available to help students in acquiring recognized degrees.


Utilize our facilities to convert your professional and academic experiences into university credits and significantly reduce your time to graduation.


George Washington University offers a state-of-the-art student area portal via which you may easily manage your online education, enroll in courses, and pay academic fees.


Our academic credential verification services aid you in confirming the authenticity of your papers for employment or visa applications.


To provide further assistance to students and alumni, we have begun organizing Apostle and Embassy Legalization services. Students may log in to their alumni area to enjoy these features.


GWU offers outstanding career development programs and assists students in a number of ways to increase their employability.

“The cost of education in the United States is ridiculously high, and securing scholarships is very difficult. However, the easy financial aid programs at George Washington University allowed me to finish my Master's in Business Administration, and the straight career support enabled me to get employment with a major organization.”

Adrian Rodriguez/ MBA, Finance GWU